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Let’s face it – everyone is just so very busy now-a-days. We run from here to there and back again, and multi-task like never before. With all that we have to handle on a daily basis, it can be extremely difficult to worry about eating a healthy balanced diet. Meal plans and diets fail for thousands of people because it is too hard to stick to that kind of regimen when you have too much to do, and too little time to get it all done. My goal is to present you with meal options that are fast and easy to prepare, that use regular ingredients that most people have on hand, and most importantly – that are healthy for you and your family.  There is no reason that eating healthy should ADD to your stress level! If making delicious, nutritious meals is as easy as stopping by the fast-food joint, or calling to order take-out – then more people would be able to fit it into their daily lifestyle.

I am a firm believer in balance and moderation. I refuse to eliminate an entire food group from my life, or to deny myself dessert when I want it. Food should be about enjoyment; you should never feel guilty about an occasional indulgence!! I have learned that there is always a way to fit your favorite foods into your life. I hope that you will try some of these “slimmed-down” versions of some popular foods, and that mealtime can once again become an enjoyable event at your home rather than another “chore” on your to-do list.

If you have a favorite recipe that you would like to see “done light”, please send me an email at recipeATcookingdonelightDOTcom, or leave a comment below. I would be more than happy to “revamp” your recipe and post it on our site for our other visitors to try and enjoy! I will be sure to try the new version in our test kitchen to make certain that it has all the flavor of the original. Also, feel free to email me with any of your nutrition questions or cooking quandaries ~ I will return all emails as quickly as possible.

Thank You for visiting our site – and please be sure to come back often for more great recipes.

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